Our Story:

KALASRISHTI  is an initiative of a Group of Artists,designers as well as young social entrepreneurs and  have been located in Ahmedabad ever since dedicated to promoting, preserving and presenting the Indian traditional arts and culture through the following Mission & Vision.

KALASRISHTI an initiative is a unique platform that showcases and brings into spotlight the best of craftsmanship from India. It aims to empower artisans by connecting them to available resources, tools and network of partner members; also, seek to communicate the fact, how one’s purchasing choices can directly impact the survival of generations old traditions and the livelihoods of thousands of artisans. The retail stores, participation in national and international events, have been successful both in terms of bringing the traditional crafts of India into spotlight and provide an impetus to the sector.


  • To revive, sustain and promote the art and craft traditions as well as community of India and develop a sustainable and scalable model for craft development.

  • To encourage intercultural artistic dialogues and collaborations between international artists, arts practitioners and local Indian artisans to sustain craft community.

  • To offer visibility to indigenous traditional arts and artisans, crafts and crafts-persons through the residency,seminar,workshops,exhibition/art events, market and sell etc  programmes.

  • To create an understanding and appreciation of Indian traditional arts and culture.

  • To increase the appreciation of Indian arts, heritage and crafts through education and participatory activities among young people.

  • To perpetuate and strengthen the cultural roots of the emerging generation world over.


  • To create a great awareness towards Different kind of traditional Arts and crafts to urban civilization and support artisan families to sustainable living.

  • To create a platform to build awareness, spread knowledge, develop skills, and inculcate appreciation of arts and crafts in different media.

  • To creates awareness in market about the skills, time and creativity that artisans/Artist invest into their Art/craft/Performance and connect Artist,Artisans, NGOs, Self-Help Groups, Cooperatives, Businesses, Corporations, Design & Management Institutes, Individuals and Experts such as Artists,designers, educators, students, and customers so that they can interrelate in a better and productive way.

  • To create a community of artists/artisan of new age media committed to spreading the traditional/conteporary art n crafts forms, recognizing that the world is a big enough place with room for all to grow.

  • Support and nurture young talents from the fields of Visual-arts, Traditional craft community, Performing Art forms and museum through KALASRISHTI Awards and Fellowships.

  • Provide a retreat at Kalasrishti as a space for contemplation, exploration and the development of creative ideas in a supportive environment

  • To develop and nurture appreciation of Indian arts and crafts through the educational programmes, cultural orientation programme and outreach activities for children and young people.



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