Mr Umang is a M.F.A.(Sculpture) from the World Famous & Asia's Premier Fine Arts College, Faculty of fine arts ,Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. after his Master's,He has served as an Art Educator in several Day as well as Residential schools across India where he got opportunity to teach Drawing,Painting,Craft,Sculpture,Pottery,Design Entrance Coaching,Multimedia and now having more than 15 years of Teaching experience; He has also worked as a professional web-designer for few years still he has continued this as a hobby. He has won many certificates,Awards for Participations in Education as well as Art field and excelled a milestone where He has his own Institute/Organization which  has a vision to promote and support Art & Culture.He is full time worker in this Organization.


Welcome to Kalasrishti Art Foundation, a unique combination of art, cause and hope. We are a nongovernmental organisation that prides itself in pursuing artistic activities, which contribute towards social change.

Our belief is that each person has their own journey in life and is blessed with an individual talent or gift to share with others. Kalasrishti’s gift for society is art. When this talent is woven with a passion for making change we feel the beat of our soul coming alive.

Kalasrishti Art Foundation,A not-for-profit  aim to promote Art & Design Education,Artists of various forms in Visual as well as Performing Arts through various Art & Design Courses and workshops,National and International Art, Cultural and Educational events etc. throughout the year. We provide a common platform & sponsor talented and dedicated underprivileged children, upcoming and professional artists/Designers in the field of Design,Visual & Performing Arts to promote them and also to create awareness about Green Design as well as our rich cultural heritage especially amongst the youth and their parents.


  • Promote Indian Art & Culture and Taking our Art & Culture, Heritage to the Masses and provide Best Design Knowledge and career  to aspirant youths.

  •  Sharing Knowledge, Technical Know-how, Latest Trends etc. By providing a common platform to all amateur, professionals, academicians, business developers.

  •  Encourage young artists/Designers by showcasing their talents and helping them convert their hobbies into profession.

  • To avail underprivileged children an opportunity for Creative Expression / Value based education / Art education.

  • Harnessing creative potential towards cultural and economic empowerment.

  • Sustained development towards vocational adaptations through induction of various skills and capabilities.

  • Training children and adults in various art forms.

  • Organise Cultural Events, Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions and Workshops on Art and Culture from time to time.

  • Conduct research and survey in the field of protection and promotion of various art forms Net working for market outlets.



  • Art & Cultural Exchange Events, Seminars, Symposium, Art Camps etc.

  • Tourism by inviting various Visual & Performing Artists from India & Abroad through various Art Events and Activities.

  • Art & Design Education, Workshops, Camps.

  • Various Workshops for Underprivileged.

  • Training in Various forms of Visual and Design Courses.

  • Provide Free Training and Scholarship to needy and talented students.

  • Promote & sponsor needy and talented Upcoming Artists etc.

All these objectives are achieved with the help of dedicated and enthusiastic Volunteers and team members of  comprising Painters, Sculptors, Designers and Art lovers/Promoters/Business Entities.