Terms & Conditions

  • Artist Membership:

  • this platform is to promote Art and Culture, Artists Lifetime membership fees is Rs. 2500/-only non-refundable). Artist can posts their work on gallery and can put for SELLING.EXHIBITIONS,CROSS CULTURAL EVENTS. there is NO FEES to put on website-gallery/store but other events will be chargeable as per participation rules.

  • We will organize Group Show twice-in-a-year. and provide assistantship for solo show Internationally also .

  • General Member

  • Any major individual of sound mind and integrity having unflinching faith in the aims and objectives of the society can become its General Member enjoying voting rights. Membership fee for such member shall be Rs. 1000.00. (Rs One Thousand only) per year, subject to revision from time to time.

  • Associate Member

    • A general member may be enrolled as an associate member initially for a period of three years provided that (i) he/she has been contributing to the development of the society for not less than two consecutive years and (ii) he/she is found suitable and keen to discharge assigned works of the society and {iii) he/she is duly recommended by the EC for the same.

    • Any major individual may directly be enrolled as an associate member provided the E.C. considers his/her case and recommends favourably.

    • All such individuals shall have to pay one time membership fee of Rs. 1000.00 only for this category. They shall enjoy voting rights in the General Body.

    • The EC may extend or curtail the duration of the membership of any such member


  • Donor Member

    • Any person of good integrity donating Rs. 1, 00,000=00 (Rs. One lakh only) or more in cash or kind shall be enrolled as a donor member of the society enjoying voting rights in the General Body.

    • Any institution or organisation donating Rs. 1,00,000=00 (Rs. One lakh only) or more in cash or kind shall be enrolled as a donor member enjoying voting rights in the General Body through its authorised representative.


  • Honorary Member

    • Any person of remarkable achievement in any field of knowledge, creativity, performance, work or service subscribing to the aims and objectives of the society may be enrolled as an Honorary Member of the society without paying any fee. Such members may attend important meetings of the E.C and offer suggestions at times. The Honorary Members may be inducted in the E.C. at times of emergency, temporarily.


  • Patrons

    • Eminent persons of proven excellence and exemplary calibre in any field of knowledge, creativity, performance, work or service may be nominated as Patrons of the society. Patrons may be invited to attend important E.C. or General Body meetings. However, they shall not be obliged to pay any membership fee or to attend General Body / E.C meetings or take part in any voting.


  • Procedure for Enrolment of a Member

    • Persons or institutions or organisations (except the Honorary Members and the Patrons) desirous of being enrolled as members shall apply to the Secretary giving their particulars on a prescribed application form. The E.C. shall deal with all kinds of such application and grant membership by a majority decision. The E.C. reserves to itself the "" right to accept, continue or deny membership to any individual, institution or organisation without assigning any reason whatsoever and its decision shall be final.


  • Termination of Membership

    • Any member of the Us  who works against the interests, objectives and reputation of the society will cease to be its member. The E.C shall have full power to take such decision.

    • A member of the society including a founder member shall cease to be a member of the society if

      • He/ She die, resign, become of unsound mind, become insolvent or is convicted of a criminal offence.

      • He/ She do not attend three consecutive meetings of the Society/E.C. However, if he/she submits or sends prior written information to the President or Secretary mentioning proper reason for his/her absence, his/her membership may be continued.

      • He/ She fail to pay the subscription or dues to the society continuously for three months after the due date.



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